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Robert Johnson

Key of songMaster numberRecording dateSongTime of songTuning Recording Location
BSA 2580-123-Nov-36Kind Hearted Woman Blues 2:49StandardSan Antonio, TX
BSA 2580-223-Nov-36Kind Hearted Woman Blues (alternate take)2:31StandardSan Antonio, TX
ESA 2581-123-Nov-36I Believe I'll Dust My Broom 2:56VestapolSan Antonio, TX
F#SA 2582-123-Nov-36Sweet Home Chicago 2:59StandardSan Antonio, TX
FSA 2583-123-Nov-36Ramblin' on My Mind 2:20VestapolSan Antonio, TX
F#SA 2583-223-Nov-36Ramblin' on My Mind (alternate take)2:51VestapolSan Antonio, TX
F#SA 2584-123-Nov-36When You Got a Good Friend 2:37StandardSan Antonio, TX
FSA 2584-223-Nov-36When You Got a Good Friend (alternate take)2:50StandardSan Antonio, TX
BSA 2585-123-Nov-36Come On in My Kitchen 2:35SpanishSan Antonio, TX
BbSA 2585-223-Nov-36Come On in My Kitchen (alternate take)2:47SpanishSan Antonio, TX
BSA 2586-123-Nov-36Terraplane Blues 3:00SpanishSan Antonio, TX
BSA 2587-123-Nov-36Phonograph Blues 2:37StandardSan Antonio, TX
EbSA 2587-223-Nov-36Phonograph Blues (alternate take)2:35StandardSan Antonio, TX
ASA 2616-226-Nov-3632-20 Blues 2:51StandardSan Antonio, TX
CSA 2627-127-Nov-36They're Red Hot 2:56StandardSan Antonio, TX
BSA 2628-227-Nov-36Dead Shrimp Blues 2:30StandardSan Antonio, TX
BSA 2629-127-Nov-36Cross Road Blues 2:39SpanishSan Antonio, TX
BSA 2629-227-Nov-36Cross Road Blues (alternate take)2:29SpanishSan Antonio, TX
BSA 2630-127-Nov-36Walkin' Blues 2:28SpanishSan Antonio, TX
ASA 2631-127-Nov-36Last Fair Deal Gone Down 2:39SpanishSan Antonio, TX
ESA 2632-127-Nov-36Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil) 2:50VestapolSan Antonio, TX
ASA 2633-127-Nov-36If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day 2:34SpanishSan Antonio, TX
ADA 377-219-Jun-37Stones in My Passway 2:27SpanishDallas, TX
BbDAL 378-119-Jun-37I'm a Steady Rollin' Man 2:35StandardDallas, TX
C#DAL 379-119-Jun-37From Four Till Late 2:23StandardDallas, TX
FDAL 394-220-Jun-37Hellhound on My Trail 2:35VestapolDallas, TX
BbDAL 395-120-Jun-37Little Queen of Spades 2:11StandardDallas, TX
BbDAL 395-220-Jun-37Little Queen of Spades (alternate take)2:15StandardDallas, TX
EbDAL 396-120-Jun-37Malted Milk 2:17Drop DDallas, TX
EbDAL 397-120-Jun-37Drunken Hearted Man 2:24Drop DDallas, TX
EbDAL 397-220-Jun-37Drunken Hearted Man (alternate take)2:19Drop DDallas, TX
BbDAL 398-120-Jun-37Me and the Devil Blues 2:37StandardDallas, TX
BbDAL 398-220-Jun-37Me and the Devil Blues (alternate take)2:29StandardDallas, TX
BbDAL 399-120-Jun-37Stop Breakin' Down Blues (alternate take)2:16SpanishDallas, TX
BbDAL 399-220-Jun-37Stop Breakin' Down Blues 2:21SpanishDallas, TX
BbDAL 400-120-Jun-37Traveling Riverside Blues 2:56SpanishDallas, TX
BbDAL 400-220-Jun-37Traveling Riverside Blues (alternate take)2:43SpanishDallas, TX
EbDAL 401-120-Jun-37Honeymoon Blues 2:16StandardDallas, TX
AbDAL 402-120-Jun-37Love in Vain (alternate take)2:28StandardDallas, TX
AbDAL 402-220-Jun-37Love in Vain 2:19StandardDallas, TX
BbDAL 403-120-Jun-37Milkcow's Calf Blues (alternate take)2:14SpanishDallas, TX
BbDAL 403-220-Jun-37Milkcow's Calf Blues 2:26SpanishDallas, TX
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