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Robert Johnson

The following is a list of all Robert Johnson recordings (all takes) and their corresponding keys, tunings, speed, and other information. The default order is the order of the original recording, but columns are sortable.

Song Key of songMaster numberRecording dateTime of song Tuning Speed Recording Location
When You Got a Good Friend (alternate take)FSA 2584-223-Nov-362:50Standard103San Antonio, TX
When You Got a Good Friend F#SA 2584-123-Nov-362:37Standard100San Antonio, TX
Walkin' Blues BSA 2630-127-Nov-362:28Spanish95San Antonio, TX
Traveling Riverside Blues (alternate take)BbDAL 400-220-Jun-372:43Spanish108Dallas, TX
Traveling Riverside Blues BbDAL 400-120-Jun-372:56Spanish104Dallas, TX
They're Red Hot CSA 2627-127-Nov-362:56Standard115San Antonio, TX
Terraplane Blues BbSA 2586-123-Nov-363:00Spanish118San Antonio, TX
Sweet Home Chicago FSA 2582-123-Nov-362:59Standard100San Antonio, TX
Stop Breakin' Down Blues (alternate take)BbDAL 399-120-Jun-372:16Spanish117Dallas, TX
Stop Breakin' Down Blues BbDAL 399-220-Jun-372:21Spanish115Dallas, TX
Stones in My Passway ADA 377-219-Jun-372:27Spanish96Dallas, TX
Ramblin' on My Mind (alternate take)FSA 2583-223-Nov-362:20Vestapol107San Antonio, TX
Ramblin' on My MindFSA 2583-123-Nov-362:51Vestapol94San Antonio, TX
Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil) ESA 2632-127-Nov-362:50Vestapol140San Antonio, TX
Phonograph Blues (alternate take)EbSA 2587-223-Nov-362:35Vestapol118San Antonio, TX
Phonograph Blues BSA 2587-123-Nov-362:37Standard98San Antonio, TX
Milkcow's Calf Blues (alternate take)BbDAL 403-120-Jun-372:14Spanish98Dallas, TX
Milkcow's Calf Blues BbDAL 403-220-Jun-372:26Spanish86Dallas, TX
Me and the Devil Blues (alternate take)BbDAL 398-220-Jun-372:29Standard83Dallas, TX
Me and the Devil Blues BbDAL 398-120-Jun-372:37Standard80Dallas, TX
Malted Milk EbDAL 396-120-Jun-372:17Drop D91Dallas, TX
Love in Vain (alternate take)AbDAL 402-120-Jun-372:28Standard86Dallas, TX
Love in Vain AbDAL 402-220-Jun-372:19Standard93Dallas, TX
Little Queen of Spades (alternate take)BbDAL 395-220-Jun-372:15Standard92Dallas, TX
Little Queen of Spades BbDAL 395-120-Jun-372:11Standard86Dallas, TX
Last Fair Deal Gone Down ASA 2631-127-Nov-362:39Spanish100San Antonio, TX
Kind Hearted Woman Blues (alternate take)BSA 2580-223-Nov-362:31Standard100San Antonio, TX
Kind Hearted Woman Blues BSA 2580-123-Nov-362:49Standard82San Antonio, TX
If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day ASA 2633-127-Nov-362:34Spanish122San Antonio, TX
I'm a Steady Rollin' Man BbDAL 378-119-Jun-372:35Standard101Dallas, TX
I Believe I'll Dust My Broom ESA 2581-123-Nov-362:56Vestapol101San Antonio, TX
Honeymoon Blues BbDAL 401-120-Jun-372:16Standard93Dallas, TX
Hellhound on My Trail FDAL 394-220-Jun-372:35Vestapol102Dallas, TX
From Four Till Late C#DAL 379-119-Jun-372:23Standard105Dallas, TX
Drunken Hearted Man (alternate take)EbDAL 397-220-Jun-372:19Drop D82Dallas, TX
Drunken Hearted Man EbDAL 397-120-Jun-372:24Drop D88Dallas, TX
Dead Shrimp Blues BSA 2628-227-Nov-362:30Standard100San Antonio, TX
Cross Road Blues (alternate take)BSA 2629-227-Nov-362:29Spanish89San Antonio, TX
Cross Road Blues BSA 2629-127-Nov-362:39Spanish99San Antonio, TX
Come On in My Kitchen (alternate take)BbSA 2585-223-Nov-362:35Spanish96San Antonio, TX
Come On in My Kitchen BbSA 2585-123-Nov-362:47Spanish85San Antonio, TX
32-20 Blues ASA 2616-226-Nov-362:51Standard94San Antonio, TX

Speed is approximate BPM. Actual tempo varies from start to finish in many of the songs. For example, Terraplane Blues starts at about 105bpm but finishes at around 120bpm (approximate).

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