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GE Advantium Microwave oven, model number zsc2202j3ss

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 9:42:11 AM

G.E. Monogram - Advantium Oven, model number zsc2202j3ss

We had high hopes for this oven. The $3100 price tag was hard to swallow, but if it worked and lasted it would be worth it. Unfortunately, the oven door crapped out after a couple of years and had to be manually pushed shut every time you used it. The estimate for a new door was about $1500! They couldn't replace just the spring or the hinge....stupid design. So we decided to wait.

A year went by and the entire oven crapped out and stopped working -- no lights or anything. We bought a countertop microwave to use in the meantime, knowing there was going to be a huge price tag. I called a company to service it a few weeks ago, and they were able to replace a couple of boards inside to allow it to work again, but they also said it might not last because the door is still not fixed--it CAN'T be fixed because GE no longer supplies that door. So we basically have a $4000 (after repairs) piece of junk. We also installed other GE appliances, but I'm now waiting for those to die too. If they do die, I'll bet the parts are not available anymore. The quality control is horrible and the service non-existent. I would never buy a GE appliance again, which is sad because we thought they were a good company. We purchased in Nov. 2017 and installed in April 2018, so the oven is only 6 years old, and the last two years it has been unusable. I would think for $3100 it would last a lifetime, or at least as long as we would be in this house.

Bottom line: avoid GE like the plague.


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