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INXS Out-idoling American Idol

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 8:00:37 PM

I was never a fan of the band INXS, but they have a show on TV now that is much like American Idol -- only better in some ways. For one, most of the music has a harder edge to it, unlike the teeny-bopper music of American Idol. Also, American Idol very seldom had exceptional singers on the show. This past year we had Nadia, Bo, and Carrie who were all very good, but nothing that made you say "I have to go out and buy the record." On Rockstar INXS, the contestants are all trying to win a recording contract and tour as the lead singer of the band INXS. That's a pretty good prize, and the talent on the show is pretty impressive. Two standouts are Jordis and Mig. For those interested in music, check out the following videos (after you get past the annoying advertising) and see what you think:

Jordis doing "Heart Shaped Box":

Jordis doing "The Man Who Sold the World":

Mig doing "Baby I Love Your Way":

The show is on Tuesday night at 10:00PM for the performance show, and Wednesday night at 9:00 for the results show on CBS.

Category tags: Music, ColdFusion

DW 8 Announced

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 7:20:24 PM

Better late than never -- I was on vacation last week while Macromedia was making the big announcement, but I should mention it here as well: Dreamweaver 8 (and Studio 8) is being released very soon. The best news is that most existing extensions should work fine with DW 8. I have tested my own extensions with it and so far have not found any problems or inconsistencies.

DW 8 is a good upgrade, with some great coding tools finally available (code collapse, code toolbar, color picker from code view, and other goodies). Also, DW 8 has support for XSL transformations in a visual way, which I'll probably be writing about soon. I think XML/XSL is finally coming in to its own as a great way to deliver content that is machine readable -- separating content from presentation and still delivering basic html/css. I did some basic XSL transformations on my own RSS feed and the Community MX rss feeds by hand (and by copying/pasting from examples), but using the new DW tools would have made it much easier. Also, the new file comparison feature is great, as I have always used a third party comparison program. Now it can be used from within Dreamweaver, which saves a few steps.

If you are in one of the following cities, a traveling MM presentation is making the rounds. You can register at 780&loc=en_us&trackingid=BXBS, but register early:

Chicago, 8/23
Los Angeles, 8/24
San Francisco, 8/25
McLean, 8/25
Washington DC, 8/25
Boston, 9/13
Montreal, 9/13
Toronto, 9/14
Ottawa, 9/15
New York, 9/15
Vancouver, 9/20
Calgary, 9/22

Register now, or check out some of Community MX's new articles on Studio 8 that ran from August 8 through August 12, with more coming. Also, Macromedia has a ton of articles on Studio 8 as well at Devnet.

Category tags: Dreamweaver, ColdFusion

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