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Tom Muck's Blog: The 2020 ElectionTom Muck's Blog

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The 2020 Election

Saturday, November 14, 2020 11:06:22 AM

So it is one week after the Presidential election in the US, and we don't know who the President will be on January 20th, when the President is due to be sworn in. President Trump has filed numerous lawsuits to challenge the vote in several states. Election irregularity was rampant in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and probably other places. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has declared himself "President Elect", based on some calls by leftists in the media. In actual fact, nobody is President Elect until the electors send in the official ballots. The date for that is Dec. 14 when the electoral votes are tabulated in the states. The official dates are shown on the AP site.

Now there is backlash from people who think Trump should concede. Why? It seems to me, that any fair-minded person would want to make sure the election is fair and on the up-and-up. Not only does it make this election more accurate, but it allows people to feel confident that the election results are correct. AND, it works to allow future elections to fix mistakes of this election and get it right next time. People pushing for this to be over before the results are correct are colluding with the criminals who committed fraud.

Joe Biden has declared himself "President Elect", or more accurately, some liberal pundits have proclaimed him that on TV and he has embraced it, even though he pledged during the first debate to wait until after the election has been certified. News stations do not determine elections.

It's not the only pledge he's broken. He also said he would not lock down the country again because of the Wuhan virus. Now, one of his new "Covid Advisory Board" members, Dr. Michael Osterholm, has suggested that the entire country needs to lock down for 4-6 weeks. Was he lying then, or just speaking out of his ass? Either way, people are mad.

Biden is a creature of the Swamp -- career politician who has never done anything useful in 48 years in politics. Ask any Biden voter what is the ONE thing that he did that inspired you to vote for him: silence. He is a globalist, elitist, racist, probably a rapist, and a bad person. On top of that, he probably took a lot of money -- into the millions -- from China, through his son Hunter. Bobulinski compiled all of his evidence against his former business partner and talked about it on an interview with Tucker Carlson. To date, the story has been suppressed by the mainstream media, censored from social media, and not spoken about by Democrats. This makes Joe Biden a criminal, and anyone who voted for him complicit.

Trump has endured 4 years of attacks from the media. Obama was never even touched with a feather by the media during his 8 years in office. The media completely ignored the numerous scandals during the Obama administration. Now they have ignored the criminal behavior of the Vice President during that time. Despite this, Trump has accomplished more in his 4 years than most presidents accomplish in 8. Most leftist voters hate Trump but can't name any one thing that he has done wrong from a policy perspective. If you took Trump's many accomplishments and associated them with a Democrat president, leftists would likely agree with much of it. They can't give Trump a break, even when he does great things like peace deals in the Middle East, economic success, energy independence, no foreign wars, taking out terrorists, etc. etc. There is a good thread listing the Trump accomplishments on Robby Starbuck's twitter feed.

On top of the media's insane treatment of our President, there are fools in the general public who call themselves "The Resistance", including the carnies of the political world, Lincoln Project. These idiots have the gall to call themselves "resistance" when they support the status quo of big government, crooked politicians, censorship, and fascism. The irony of calling themselves "anti-fascist" when employing fascist techniques against anyone who doesn't agree with them is lost on these morons. Democrats are the party of big government -- the machine that includes collusion with the media and academia. Trump was a breath of fresh air after years of career politicians building their machine in DC that fights against regular people. People who voted for Biden are useful idiots for the corrupocrats running DC.

I wrote about the last election in a blog post, mostly about how the media is in collusion with Big Government, but against someone like Trump because he exposes the corruption. If Biden does eventually win after the votes are counted, the media will go back to being in league with our government and battle against anyone who gets in the way.

Let the election play out and we'll be much stronger as a country.

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