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Tom Muck's Blog: Sad days indeedTom Muck's Blog

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Sad days indeed

Saturday, January 09, 2021 12:56:32 AM

Tonight is the night the US turned into China. Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook all colluded with their Democrat enablers, knowing full well that there is no recourse with the censorship-loving Democrats in power. This is what they do in China and Iran.

They have silenced thousands of accounts tonight on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among others. Google dropped the Parler app from the app store, so you can't even use an open platform that isn't censored by the oligarchs. Apple has also threatened to drop Parler. This is a modern day book burning, with liberals cheering it on. Parler is what Twitter and Facebook should be -- a social media platform where you can post content and have people read that content without having an editor tell you what you can and can't post. Twitter should be open, but they constantly shadow-ban users, and now they are removing thousands of accounts that they disagree with. They say it's about "incitement" or some other nonsense, yet they continue to allow Communist Chinese accounts and accounts from the Ayatollah of Iran. If you are a private citizen in China or Iran, you can't even see Twitter and other social media. Now, the US is following their lead. Sad times.

People will say "it's not censorship, it's a private company", but that is not entirely true. Lawmakers gave social media companies special exemptions from lawsuits and other pesky rules that apply to regular media companies, because the social media companies are supposed to be neutral. They have never been neutral. Now, all the tech companies are apparently colluding against viewpoints that they don't agree with and limiting their services to people they agree with. With Democrats in power, there is no recourse. Democrats used to be in favor of free speech, but have lately embraced censorship and putting down any viewpoint they don't agree with. They would rather silence you than have to debate you.

People call Trump a fascist, but cannot point to a single thing he has done that would be considered fascist. On the other hand, Jack Dorsey and the other tech oligarchs ARE fascists. They effectively silenced the President of the United States, indicating they hold more power in this digital age. People talk about Trump's "attack" on the press as an example, even though he never attacked or acted on anything, yet these same people are cheering on as thousands of people are being censored and deplatformed. Truly, the biggest threat to free speech in history, and it's happening now.

Category tags: Politics

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